Tree Stump Grinding Service in Garland, TX

Tree Stump Grinding Service

Do you have unwanted tree stumps and roots in your yard? Then our stump grinding services are for you. Grinding a stump means using specialized equipment to fully remove both the tree stump and the runner roots present at ground level. Often tree stumps are left behind after a tree has been removed, which can sometimes cause a variety of problems for home owners. Our team of tree service specialists in North Dallas TX has years of experience in the industry. We can grind down tree stumps of all sizes without causing any damage to the surrounding landscape features.


Why You May Want to Get Rid of That Stump?


Tree Stumps Attract Insects

One of the most common complaints that homeowners in the North Dallas area make is that their yard is full of unwanted bugs. The presence of insects is not only unpleasant, but some species can quickly spread around the yard and cause damage to nearby plants. By getting rid of the stump, you’ll stop it from attracting bugs.


Grinding Reduces the Chance of New and Unwanted Tree Growth

Certain types of trees are particularly resilient and able to sprout again long after being cut down, as long as their roots are there. Grinding down the tree stump reduces the chances of that happening.


Tree Stumps Can Be an Eyesore

Few people consider tree stumps to be an attractive element to have in their yard. Our stump grinding service lets you quickly get rid of that stump that’s just sticking out of the ground and being a huge eyesore.


Roots and Stumps Make Landscaping Work More Challenging

If you have an unwanted tree stump on your property in North Dallas TX and try to do some landscaping work, you’ll likely find out that the stump itself is only part of the problem. Tree surface roots extend to a bigger diameter, which can make doing landscaping work a lot more difficult. Our tree stump removal services take care of getting rid of the surface roots too.


How Our Grinding Service Works

We have the right size of stump grinder machinery to get the job done in a quick and efficient manner. Once the stump has been ground down, the wood chips are put back into the hole where it once was, which saves you from having to fill up the area with topsoil. You can use the excess mulch in flower pots or landscaping features, as compost or rake it into your lawn to provide nutrients. If you would like to have all of the wood chips removed from your property, our tree maintenance experts will be happy to do so for an additional fee.

Do you have unwanted tree stumps in your yard?

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